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At the Law Offices of Parchimowicz & Kwaśniewski we have a team of lawyers with extensive advisory experience in investment projects, ongoing activities of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and social organizations, and in involvement in the process of legislation and application of the law. We have been representing our individual and corporate clients in Poland and the EU for many years in project negotiation and implementation, in arbitration proceedings, and before national and international courts and tribunals, providing comprehensive care for their interests.

We start cooperation with new partners with a thorough diagnosis of the nature and specificity of their activities to identify threats and propose solutions that will reduce the risks in undertaken projects. With the years of experience accumulated, we have built lasting relationships with the financial, construction, and cooperative industries, in the complex areas of intellectual property rights and the activities of institutions of culture, and through ongoing work with social organizations and church institutions. Our lawyers successfully conducted international disputes in the field of human rights, family law, and in commercial arbitration. They provided opinions and expertise at the request of the European Union bodies, UN agencies, the Council of Europe, social organizations working for fundamental rights, human rights, as well as national and international associations representing industry interests, such as the road transport, wine, and international art market. Thanks to our expertise in diverse fields of the law, we always look at the issues presented to us in a broad perspective, formulating conclusions and warning against risks, which are often hidden under the guise of the easiest solutions. An in-depth analysis of the specificity of our client allows us to identify risks in advance, prepare the most appropriate response, and support our partners in the implementation of plans and further development.

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Innovative and effective legal solutions refer today to the world of principles and rules that remain outside the realm of statute law. That is why the motto of our work is the most primary of legal principles – put by Marcus Tullius Cicero as, 'live honestly, do no harm to another, give to each what belongs to him’ – which still echoes in the decisions of international courts and tribunals.


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